Quality-Cert S.A.- accredited certification body by RENAR

ioan burtea

We are a accredited certification body RENAR  for certification of management systems and certification of products in the regulated and voluntary field.

Quality-Cert S.A is a special company, of soul, because we came out of passion. The passion of a special man who has fully devoted himself to his work.

Mr. Ioan Burtea

The founder of the QUALITY-CERT S.A. certification body, Quality-Cert S.A.Mr. Burtea was a pioneer in the field of quality, the elaboration of legislation, standards and norms, as well as the certification of the qualification of economic operators in construction. With an experience of over 47 years in the field and with a rich scientific and publishing activity, Mr. Ioan Burtea has brought through Quality-Cert S.Aa new breath in organizing and increasing efficiency in the construction sector and beyond.

Vice-President of Asociatiei Romane pentru CalitatePresident of the national Network of construction laboratories (NLR), representative of the certification bodies and Member of the Board of the Accreditation Body in Romania (RENAR), President and Member of the Romanian Association for Standardization (ASRO) – Technical Committees, Vice-President of the Employers of construction companies (PSC), President of the Group of professional associations and construction bodies (PDC), Vice-President of the Group of notified bodies at European level (GNB Romania), Member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of construction Employers (FPSC) –  Mr. Ioan Burtea was an honest professional, Rigorous and demanding and he left us a precious legacy that we proudly carry on at Quality- Cert S.A.

organism de certificare acreditat RENAR

We have over 20 years experience, seriousness and team of professionals

Since 2001 we have been offering the best certification services.

We recommend our team of over 75 specialists university professors, doctors in technical sciences / chemistry, specialists trained by prestigious institutions from the European Union, auditors trained / trained by AFNOR RENAR, CNCFMAC (Romania), experts / inspectors on the certification fields, trained in Romania, Japan, France, etc., specialists members in the technical committees MLPDA, ASROmember specialists or leading professional associations in the field of construction and construction materials.

We participate in the approval of normative acts, regulations in the field of constructions and construction materials, standards, studies and research in the field of constructions and construction materials.

We are notified body at European level for the certification of products in the regulated field System 1, 1+, 2, 2+ certification of conformity and Member of the PSC, RENAR – College of accredited bodies, ASRO – specialized Technical Committees, RNLC – national Network of construction laboratories.

The mission of our certification body

In a continuous process of improvement, we organize to respond promptly to the requirements of economic operators, performing certification activities with minimum time allocation for those activities.

We, Quality-Cert S.A., are structured so that in the certification process we can permanently ensure the fulfillment of the requirements imposed by the national legislation applicable in the certification fields for which we are accredited, the applicable international and European legislation and other regulations specific to the certification fields.

We respect the principles of impartiality and confidentiality, and our main objective is to increase the efficiency of your company together!