National Laboratory for Wood Industry and Furniture

Laboratory of wood, structures and products of wood, furniture, doors and windows

QUALITY CERT SA, continues the tradition OF THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF WOOD Romania and has taken over the activity of its TESTING LABORATORIES, for the wood industry, including specialized personnel (under the regime of permanent employees or collaborators), of the equipment and testing equipment, currently being the only certification body in Romania competent to perform through the newly established laboratory"National Laboratory for Wood Industry and Furniture"that operates within QUALITY CERT SA, to perform all tests on wood, wood products, doors, windows, furniture (including safety and security tests).

QUALITY CERT is currently the only body in Romania that has the capacity to offer complete certification and testing services of products from the wood, furniture industry, Ensuring processes with specialists recognized in the country and at European level for professional competence and ensuring partners willing to carry out the certification of products manufactured by them, to obtain a plus value, as a result of certification, as well as access and occupation of a preferential place on the Romanian market.

The tests carried out within the National Laboratory of Wood Industry and Furniture QUALITY CERT, are as follows:

  • physical-mechanical tests for solid wood and solid wood products;
  • physical-mechanical tests for wood-based boards: Plywood, MDF, HDF, PAL, OSB and other composite boards;
  • emission and content of formaldehyde;
  • physical-mechanical tests for doors and windows of wood, PVC, AL, composites;
  • physical and mechanical tests on the stability and durability of furniture (folding stairs, storage bodies, offices, tables, chairs, chairs, beds, sofas, mattresses, cribs and pens for children, chairs for children);
  • physical-mechanical tests for the stability and durability of garden furniture;
  • physical and mechanical tests for the stability and durability of school furniture;
  • physical and mechanical tests for stability and durability of laboratory furniture.

Detailed information regarding the RENAR accreditation of the laboratory

Accreditation certificate no. LI 535

Accreditation Certificate no. LI 535 (EN)

The National Laboratory for Wood Industry and Furniture has its headquarters in:

250 Basarabia Boulevard, District 3, Bucharest